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How it Works

It all starts with people going online to search for an Agent or information on Selling or Buying

Our ads and websites let clients know we only recommend the best of the best agents. When we match you with clients - they know with confidence that you are a Top Agent in their market!

We have a marketing team, call center, operate 100's of lead generation websites and we buy leads in high volumes. Essentially, we put out a lot of lead nets to capture new clients for you! The Referrals we send you are EXCLUSIVE, so say goodbye to sharing leads!

Multiple Traffic Sources

Multiple Lead Sources

We Call, Text and Email you the client’s contact info. Sometimes they are live transfers. We can call leads you send us as well, up to 10 per month. Just pay the Realferral Fees when you convert them. 

Leads  + Screening = Realferrals

Profile and Listing on our Top Agent Directory 

Our Directory is at the top of search engines for a lot of high traffic search terms. 

Being listed on our directory is a great way to get discovered and acquire new clients.

 If someone finds you on our directory and contacts you directly, you do not owe us any fee or referral. Did we mention it's great for your website's SEO.

We work hard to get these clients and send them over to you. To reward our hard work, we have a partnership structure. We collect lead fees that are paid when you convert a lead we send you. This way, we are all rewarded for success!

Realferral Fees are only due for the referrals we send you. Realferral Fees are based off of what you list a home for and they are due when a client signs a listing agreement or a submitted offer that is accepted. 

Referral Fees


Ranked Best Referral Fee in the Industry

  • 1 Zip Code on Directory
  • Top Agent Profile
  • ISA Team
  • Guaranteed Referrals

What's it Cost?

$99-199  Per Referral

Monthly Pro

To Qualify you must sell a minimum of 10 homes per year and have over 3 years experience

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Membership Includes: Profile page, 1 Zip Code Center + 30 Mile Radius City Territory, Directory Listing on Top Agent Connection

 + Send us Your Leads to Scrub - Limit: 10 per Month. Membership set up fee varies Referral Volume May or May Not Be Guaranteed. Apply to See what you qualify for and what is available.

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